Are Original Shows Driving Netflix’s Viewership?

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Simulmedia Founder and CEO Dave Morgan discusses video piracy and his outlook for Netflix on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Should netflix start publishing their numbers?

Not until they have them exactly where they want the men are comfortable living with them.

They have them right now and art dealing directly with consumers.

At least what i hear, they are probably a few of the shows and movies are the things driving most of the viewership.

The original series are really driving them.


A lot of people think most viewership is coming out of kids.

5'2" you make of a pirated download?

It is a significant issue.

They love to talk about pirates as a popularity batch.

-- badge.

International spansion is important to the company -- company.

Being able to maintain the revenue base when you have a lot of ironing will be a significant problem.

Insights right now with some of the operators.

Verizon has gotten aggressive with comcast.

If you want to protect from piracy, your best friend are the operators.

Why are they not controlling it?

Class they may not have a lot of financial interest in it.

Netflix eats up a lot of bandwidth.

It is interesting you bring that up here netflix said they would and -- ewnd -- e3nd -- end the name and shame.

They did that with verizon.

Verizon came out.

They will now end the program.

Was that a wake-up call for netflix?

Less i think so.

They are not a startup insurgents anymore.

They have to learn to play like cbs and directv and abc.

That is a game.

They snipe at each other and push for leverage.

At some point, will netflix have to return to an advertiser supported service?

Class it is inevitable.

I do not know whether the company will be able to live on one revenue stream where it of days amazon is going its library significantly.

People who are amazon prime subscribers, it is free.

Watch alibaba.

That is a company that has played out of other people's playbooks incredibly successfully for the past 10 years.

If this is working well for amazon with alibaba going public later this year in the u.s., why would they not get into the streaming business and why not undercut the prices?

U.s.? they have a big enough market in asia.

When you have seven percent of all commercial transactions in china, you have to wonder how much you will really grow there.

We have been making a lot of investments in the u.s. over the past years.

That is one i will watch.

We will talk more with dave morgan.

Moving and shaking this hour, emerging markets guru mark mobius.

He is high on russia right now.

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