Are Men the Secret to Nutrisystem’s Turnaround?

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Dawn Zier, CEO at Nutrisystem, discusses the company’s turnaround, their focus on the male market and ways they are trying to expand the brand. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Turnaround plan is starting to work.

One of the most exciting things about what we have been doing and what i discovered over the last year is our brand license to do more, that the brand really resonates with the public.

Clearly it is a competitive base.

Alto suicide, you are focusing on the m -- all jokes aside, you're focusing on the mail market.

-- male market. -- i got tom a present your craving pressure formulated for men.

Good news, tom, it fights hunger.

You are one of the first to have this, tom.

Seriously, how do men go about this differently than women?

Men have different needs.

These products -- we have craving pressure shakes for men, hunger, energizing shakes for men and women.

Therefore related differently for both genders.

-- they are formulated different for both genders.

It is portion control.

Alternately, losing weight is about portion control.

We eat too much.

I saw dan marino on cbssports the other day.

He was looking gray.

Chiseled and all that.

Does he really use the product.

He really does.

He lost 22 pounds, kept it off.

Of course, dan marino is one of the celebrity endorsers along with melissa joan hart as well.

We are talking about driving growth, and a dividend is a big part of your story.

The yield has come down at the stock has risen.

What he'll do -- what yield as investors want?

Our dividend ratio is still pretty high when you look at dividend stock.

Is that enough to fend off potential activist investors?

We hear so much about the carl icahns in the world.

At that enough to fend off uncomfortable questions from those guys?

Is on performance hit when a look at the track record over the last three quarters, we are doing what we said we would do, so hopefully that keeps investors happy.

Michael wolf, you have a question for dawn on nutrisystem?

You are now getting into walmart and you are getting people who are also going to your site.

Are you finding that is the reason why you were able to get men into the product and using it?

Actually, interesting more meant to the program, which is exciting, but we put man on a map with emery know about five years ago, and when we look at the ratio of about 70% of our customers are men.

-- 70% are women, 30% are ment.

Tom is going to change that.

The stereotype of nutrisystem -- you have teamed up with walmart.

What is alike going to bentonville and say we are with marie osmond, we are iconic.

How content is was it to establish a relationship with walmart?

Not contentious at all.

It is a win-win for both companies.

We help to deliver on getting america healthy.

We have a unique product for the market.

One of the first if not the first of its kind in terms of a five-day weight loss hit.

It is exciting.

And we are also expanding, doing more with our kit.

What about expanding overseas?

Demographic suggest there are a lot more people outside of the u.s. that are dealing with weight loss issues.

Getting fatter.

In time.

It is one of our agenda

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