Are Men the New Women?

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Mr. Porter U.S. Editor Dan Rookwood and GQ Vice President Chris Mitchell discuss men’s style, fashion and online retail sites. They speak with Adam Johnson and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Why do young urban men care more about the brands that they where and how they look?

We have the editor for mr.

Moyer, this was established as a global e-commerce site.

Can start with you already?

"yummie?" talk me through this, what is a "yummie." talk us through this.

What is a "yummie." i think that is fairly ridiculous.

Are women the new -- men the new women, men are the new men.

We are embracing style, and with the dating game and we are younger for longer and more handsome, we are more aware of this, with savvier customers.

This is translating into sales of fashion.

I actually want to turn this question to both dan and chris.

Are men willing to spend the same kind of money?

You see women who make $40,000 per year continue to buy $900 shoes.

Our men making those kinds of choices?

You see men do two things, they are building more in quantity.

They find something they like and that fits and they will buy that the rest of their life.

You have a compete -- complete customer in a man that you don't have in a woman.

The same thing is that men are becoming more adventurous.

They are really sort of branching out into style and spending real money, on t-shirts and things that poor man would not -- men would not put money on.

And this is like kanye west with another shirt?

Things seem to change when "mad men" became a premium show to watch.

They said, it is cool to spend money on yourself and think about fashion.

I think that that was a bit of a game changer in terms of men smarting up their act and all of a sudden, wearing suits that were cut better, or wearing pocket square, or parting their hair a certain way.

I think all of that style was just cool to be casual.

In recent years we have definitely seen that guys are buttoning up a bit more, and that is only a good thing, i think, for men and women.

Was mr.

Porter a bigger success because women simply lacked the shopping experience of brick and mortar, going to stores and walking through and men want the convenience of getting it done quickly by clicking?

This has been going for 14 years and when mr.

Porter launched, we were able to learn from their experience and kind of do what was successful and what was right.

We have been going for three years with mr.

Porter, and this has been a huge success.

Part of the success is the convenience factor.

Because, as we know, time is money and we don't have a lot of it.

We certainly don't want to spend all of our free time shopping.

I don't think that men enjoy shopping quite as much as women do, i think that this is true so what mr.

Porter provides is that convenience.

Perhaps you have lived in an area that does not have great shopping, and you do not have easy access to luxury brands or perhaps you work very long hours, and you don't want to spend your saturdays traipsing around the stores, or perhaps you have gone on a business trip and you have left your shoes back at home, and you need for them to be at your hotel by the time that you arrived.


porter can help get them by next wednesday, we can get next day delivery service across the united states and canada, by 1300 eastern standard time.

This is a real game changer for men who are shopping.

Dan, i understand your website and we also have this newspaper.

This is pretty good, i did not know until we decided to have you on here, you have the bmw advertisement in this thing.

When did you decide you need to have what basically looks like more of a tabloid to build on the digital website?

What does this do you could not do with the website?

It is helping us to reach the customers in a way that they want to be reached.

Most of our customers will look at us online, or on the tablet or smartphone and that is fine.

But we also do a sort of post -- the newspaper that you have, which is bimonthly.

This will be placed in certain key areas like hotels or business lounges, but also we do a lot of events and we will hand it out there, and it just helps to kind of spread the word about what we do.

We are, essentially, an online proposition but we do have some print as well.

It dovetails nicely with that and it all comes together.

There are some men who still want that print product, and that is why magazines like "gq" do so well.

We have such a great partnership between "gq" and mr.


"gq" select as our editor working with mr.

Porter to find a dozen or so pieces every month that we have covered and that business reporter cells.

It is a great way to add that content to our experience and if you see the mr.

Porter post, this is adding a content experience to e-commerce.

Is there a way i can look at what they sign off on an click on this and by this, because traditionally when i look at a magazine and i have noted everything i like, i have to take myself to goodman, this way, this is what the gq editors like and i will buy this immediately.

If i look forward into our future, it certainly goes beyond being a media property and being the store.

Whether this is a brickwork -- brick and mortar store or an e-commerce store, we have the credibility to endorse a product and the reader will purchase the product.

Is the goal to sell ads, or is it to get click-through so you make money selling products?

Is is not on base at all, this is all about selling products.

As chris says, gq select really helps make the pages and shop above, and until such time as they have their own store, this is how we are going to partner with gq.

It has been very successful, and really good fun.

What you have up there, that was just on last week and we went into the offices at times square, and the menswear legend that is jim moore, he started to shoot and it just looks great.

I would love to know what adam johnson would look like in that kind of gear.

Maybe we have an image of that?

There you go.

Very good.

I never looked so good.

How did you pull that off?

Tell me about the american guys.

Now that you are here in the u.s., what we have -- what we have found is the brits have a corner on style that is far better than the americans.

But now we see the americans are catching up.

Do you agree with that?

I absolutely agree with that.

We find the u.s. is becoming such a key market for us, there is so much potential and guys are getting into it, across the united states, and we have been very successful in our lot -- first three years, and it was in the u.k. initially but we are a global brand, we are shipping to 170 countries around the world that the u.s. is key for us, and you're just embracing us more and more, and we have a big office now, and edition vision center in new jersey, the united states and canada, -- we serve them as best we can with next

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