Correction Time: Are We Entering a Market Meltdown?

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Michael Regan examines the tech market selloff which is evolving into a general selling of stocks and looks at whether or not we’re facing a ten percent correction this year. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It was intact stocks and now it is broader.

-- in tech stocks and now it is broader.

Early march, late february, we saw this rotation out of the high valuation momentum stocks and rotation into boring, traditional stocks.

Lastly, the industrial etf brought in the most inflows ever since it was created.

That rotation last and for a while.

We have seen more selling of the high flyers without as much rotation -- people are getting out, basically.

Is this the start of a meltdown?

It is hard to say.

Goldman sachs but a firm, precise number on a chance of a 10% correction.

He said there is a 67% chance.

I don't know how he gets that number.

Apart from that, he expects the market to close up a little bit.

We could see a real correction between now and then.

People have been waiting for that.

Some are saying this is the washing out we needed in the market.

Are we expecting to see another big selloff today?

It is hard to say.

Pretty flat market right now.

The big news is alcoa's earnings after the bell.

It marks the start of the earnings season.

Earnings are expected to be flat.

That leaves a low bar for companies to be.

Thank you so much.

Back in washington, the white house continues its push to reverse income inequality.

The president will be signing to executive actions later today to increase transparency in federal contractors practices.

So mattingly joins us.

What will these executive actions actually do?

What you are seeing today is something the president can control.

Federal contractors.

He is putting new restrictions on how they can operate.

This executive order -- this presidential memorandum will direct the department of labor to collect information and data on pay practices, broken down into race and gender.

The president will be trying --

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