Are Markets on the Rise?

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Private Bank Chief Investment Strategist Kate Moore discusses the economy and monetary policy on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Happens interest rates up.

How do you suggest that viewers synthesize off ? but as the top question.

The policy risks were a lot higher.

You did well on that.

Monetary policy risks.

Geopolitical risks and these risks that you cannot really forecast or predict.

They are really springing up.

One of the reason why investors psyche.

A lot of elections coming up.

44 elections in emerging markets in 2014. we certainly care.

A lot of expect patience around the elections in india.

I have to make money here.

Why add to the emerging-market portfolio or detract?

I do not see a huge positive catalyst in the near term.

What we own is there a specific story.

Taking a very active that.

-- bet.

We like the u.s., adding exposure to europe and japan.

We still think there is opportunity.

And my long singapore?

-- am i long singapore?

We are using active managers to get in.

We are making more company and sector specific calls.

It is the same thing with china.

We think there are opportunities in china.

Is that because we have had a rally for five years?

It is true in the u.s. and europe.

You have to be more differentiated about the

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