iPad Air Event Fairly Dull, Predictable: Kedrosky

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses Apple's release of the iPad Air with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


It is exactly what people expected.

The market thrives on being surprised.

There is no positive surprise here.

Nothing particularly unusual or distinctive.

It is exactly what you might expect from 10 cook running a company like apple.

It will reinforce some of the skepticism people have toward this company.

In the absence of that, it reconfirms a think what people were arty thinking.

Re: being too hard on apple?

Are we holding them too and possible standard?

What have you done for us lately?

I think everybody recognizes the incredible transformational power this company has had.

Markets are forward-looking entities.

We want to know what is going to happen 10 years from now.

You need to put in place the place he can see how the story continues.

It is not clear from this strategy that this will be the case.

It takes something away what has been done to get us to this point.

This is why it is that the discount.

Thank you.

Any thoughts from you?

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