Are Job Cuts Coming to Microsoft?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Adam Johnson and Tom Keene highlight the news you need to follow for today's trading on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

My morning mover is morgan stanley.

The shares are rising after the bank reported results.

Earnings per share, when you exclude couple of things, $.60 as opposed to $.51. i want to point our attention to wealth management.

That is where james gorman has really shifted the bank for this -- the bank's focus.

Margins are higher than what deutsche bank was looking for.

They were looking for 20.5% for that timeframe.

And you don't have as much capital as you would on the trading desk.

Yes, your balance sheet is stronger -- smaller.

You have that with other major wealth companies to emphasize the importance of it.

Microsoft down slightly today in the premarket.

After yesterday's 4.5% move.

Earlier this week, the company announced possible job cuts will stop they would be the highest, in theory, since 2009. that year it was 5800. and if you figure the company employs roughly 130,000 teeth -- 130,000 people, that is roughly four percent.

The actual announcement could come this week.

Or next week.

The earnings edge is also on my radar.

We have a lot of earnings coming out.

After the bell, ibm, google, and amd.

In tomorrow, ge, citigroup, and disney.

It will be amazing to see what disney says about foxx-time warner.

They may not touch it as a

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