Are iPhones a Necessary Accessory for the Wealthy?

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg contributor Scott Galloway looks at the anticipated smartphone releases coming in September and the market share breakdown between iPhones and Androids. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

They basically said they expected to reach 80 percent saturation in august of next year.

That means by 2017 smart phones will be the only mobile phone at that americans will use.

At this pace, truly unprecedented.

That shows what the competition has been heating up.

Not over yet.

September marks 6 big cell phones launches.

Samsung starts tomorrow.

Sony premiers tomorrow.

The big apple announcement next tuesday.

Think and as we of scott galloway.

-- thank gooness we hvedness we have scott galloway.

A lot to be excited about.

Who are you interested in seeing most?

To go to the most interesting event is that apple launch of a discount phone.

-- the most interesting event is apple launch of a discount phone.

They became below-cost producer at the premium price.

The biggest market share, lowest price.

That would be like a ferrari had the market share of toyota.

They have been getting pushed up to the high end of the medium- priced guys have started to take share from them.

What is the right price point?

I am a big fan of role models.

I think mckee drexler launched old lady with a key action.

80 percent of the gap for 50% of the price.

I think that is the same algorithm here.

I think it is somewhere in the range.

You brought along a map of new york city.

Here is manhattan, new jersey, the island's. we're looking at iphone, and 3com and blackberry.

The summary is manhattan is very red.

Is that because of the applications?

What i hear from people switching to a hundred iphone, 99% because of apps.

I think iphone has become an accessory for wealthier people.

Some run of an express a benefit that says i have a wealthy income.

-- somewhat of an express a benefit.

It is striking when you look at the map of america, urban, ohio -- higher income ios.

Middle income, and dree.

A tiny blip in midtown with their blackberries.

Within that, who has to move?

The is the low end have to get more sophisticated or does apple have to get more basic?

Which is a marginal player of interest?

That is the correct question, who will increase the market cap the most?

To go to go the smartphone set to be released.

September 7. three iphones will break.

Dad, i'm sorry but i dropped it.

Maybe you will get him a smart watch instead.

I will end the hour as i do as always with the forex report.

The euros starting september on a weaker note.

Stronger dollar against the yen.

Watch that as it inches forward.

Coming up in the next hour, ian bremer on syria.


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