Are Employees Losing Confidence in Michael Dell?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Discern Managing Director Cindy Shaw tells Emily Chang that she doesn't think Michael Dell is the right guy to lead the company on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

York said h-p and dell and now you cover dell.

Is your take on how this has unfolded?

I think the book itself, management was worried about getting enough votes which is why they postpone.

What you think is best for dell?

I agree with carl icahn.

I don't know of a manager who cannot turn it around.

They need someone who can both transform the company as well as turn it around.

That is two different skill sets and michael is incredibly talented but that is not what he is good at.

Who can do it?

That is the question.

Silver like was sniffing around at mark hurd who worked at h-p and did a good job there to some extent.

Then he actually cut to the bone which is one reason why h-p is so troubled.

Lou gerenner did a good job with ibm but it is a difficult job.

I don't know that lou gershner to come back and dell is not as well positioned as ibm was 20 years ago.

Who can do the job?

That is the question.

I put out a report last week to take the $13.65. you think shareholder should go for this?

Maybe they can get a little bit more out of this with some posturing over the next week or so but i really am not optimistic.

Did a good job with how has it impacted employees.

Are they losing confidence in michael dell?

I have been picking up that yes, employees are starting to question him.

He has been back for 6.5 years and tried multiple strategies and nothing has panned out.

Revenues and profits are down.

They spent $18.5 billion in acquisitions.

You have to question whether this is working and what is different now.

It is getting tougher.

Carl icahn had strong words yesterday, calling the dell board the most terrible board he has ever seen.

That indicates that they were somehow bullying shareholders into their vote.

Is this happening?

I don't think bullying is the correct word but they are lobbying to get a vote.

There is reason to believe that they might be talking the book try, and to get people to see one thing versus another.

How does this end?

That is a good question if only i could tell you.

Does it end next week?

I think we've got the potential with carl icahn for drama if the vote is no.

It is the potential for continued to drop.

What would that entail?

He is talking about litigation and trying to get an appraisal.

That could drag on for years.

If they get the yes vote, there is several months before the deal closes.

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