Are E-Cigarettes a Legitimate Way to Quit Smoking?

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Victory Electronic Cigarettes' Brent Willis discusses the health concerns of electronic cigarettes. He speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

But that lighter down and go buy some batteries.

There is a big market for electronic cigarettes.

Analyst estimate the e-c igarettes will overtake the tobacco industry in less than 10 years.

It is giving big tobacco run for its money.


These are your products, they have no tobacco, they come with nicotine.

You say it is a good solution for someone who is trying to get away from cigarettes.

Over 20% of people who try the product with altogether.

Over 50% significantly reduce their tobacco intake.

We are trying to give them a healthier and cleaner alternative.

A medical journal released a study with findings indicating they are helpful.

They are modestly effective at helping smokers to quit.

Why are these more helpful than a nicotine patch or something else?

As the technology evolves and becomes more and more like a real cigarette in terms of lighter and in terms of form and function, it gives the smoker the same kind of physical need that they have from smoking cigarettes.

Holding it, but also the behavior , the hand to mouth behavior, is very habitual and they get addicted to that hand to mouth behavior over a long time.

It kind of resembles the smoke, you were showing me.

Let's see what it looks like.

I've never smoked a cigarette and i'm not very good at it, but, it lights up on the end to show that it is working, and in new see this little vapor.

There is a filament inside that operates on a battery.

The heat then creates -- there is really no tobacco in it he read the consumer gets the taste of the cigarette that they want, and they get the nicotine that physically they need, and over time, you can wean down off the nicotine levels.

We call it the victory challenge.

I know you have a personal reason, you told us your dad was a heavy smoker, he smoked six packs a day.

We think we are different because we are on a mission to give people an alternative to smoking.

You are right, my dad died from three packs a day at an early age.

There are other good competitors out there.

What about all the people that would never go near a cigarette because it is sort of taboo, it has a bad image, but they might say, i am ok with the nicotine if i can do it without all the smoke.

The center for disease control, the number of young kids smoking these cigarettes has doubled in the past few years.

You're putting nicotine in the hands of kids.

We abhor smoking for any kind of minors.

We go above and beyond, and the whole industry does, to ensure that none of these products get into the hands of minors.

The fda is going to come out with regulations, we think it is appropriate for that kind of regulation to limit and ensure none of these products get into their hands.

At the same time, that is a half fact.

20% of teens today smoke cigarettes worldwide.

I think they are better off not smoking anything.

Before somebody graduates high school in the united states, six out of every 10 kids have smoked.

We are targeting smokers to give them that alternative.

You are a small company.

Why are the big guys not doing the same thing in creating these e-cigarettes?

They are, but we are ahead of them.

Big tobacco makes a lot of money, they make a lot of profits.

The analyst say this will be bigger than tobacco in 10 years.

How is he going to be bigger than tobacco?

Do you think realistically you will get new people?

We don't want new smokers.

But there are 1.3 billion smokers around the world, so it is big enough.

Up to 40% of smokers are trying to quit every single year.

There is that built-in runway for growth in the category.

We own some of the highest quality intellectual property in the industry.

People will gravitate more and more to it.

You went public at $.25 a share.

Now it is at $4.25. why did you go public at $.25 a share?

Was it worth it?

This financial structure gives us the platform and the transparency to all investors to have from an investment standpoint a lot of people do really well.

It is still a very good value.

Today we hit $5.57, so it is growing well.

There are so opportunities for investors to invest in this kind of pure play in the industry.

That is why they are being smart and getting in now.

One of these things last about two packs of cigarettes.

It cost between $5.99 on the low for us up to $9.99 for some competitors.

It is actually cheaper.

It is way cheaper.

It is that her value, help your benefit.

-- better value.

Healthier benefit.

There are 300 million smokers in china.

I was in latin america last week and we gained exclusive distribution in a key market their.

6 million people die a year from tobacco related diseases.

That is the target.

That is what we are trying to do.

I am happy we are trying to make a difference.

It is not just about a great investment, this is about making a difference.

A lot of growth potential.

Thank you very much.

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