Are Dell, Silver Lake Short of Shareholder Votes?

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg deals reporter Cristina Alesci sets the scene for today's delayed shareholder vote on the buyout proposal from company founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake to take the company private. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Is it tilting ahead of the vote?

It is incredible.

And like like michael dell and silver lake are still short.

That could all change.

Either vote, 20% of them have not voted, or change their vote from a no to a yes is what michael dell and silver lake are hoping for.

Remember that the dell site has been competing all week, trying to urges shareholders who did not vote to go ahead and cast a vote.

Who will be the big shareholders?

Names and names who you are watching and who could swing the vote.

We already saw some big shareholders flip sides.

Blackrock comes to mind.

That was a big name that everybody was watching.

Now they're supporting michael dell.

The wildcard is t. rowe price.

Will they finally cave and support michael dell?

What will likely happen today, although anything could happen , but what we're hearing could happen today if that silver lake and michael dell will go ahead and say look, guys, $13.65 is our best offer.

They have to communicate that formally to the board.

That they hope will maybe a smoke out some shareholders who are just really hoping -- they're not looking for a full icahn takeover.

Let's say the vote does not go in their favor.

Let's say the shareholders vote against it.

Then what for michael dell and silver lake?

They walk away.

They are entitled to some expense reimbursement.

$450 million that is in question as to whether or not they get that full amount or a reduced amount.

There is no doubt that if the deal does give voted down, they can just walk away, especially for soberly.

It is a little more propagated for michael dell.

This is the company he started.

It will be much harder on him than it is going to be on silver lake.

It could be the, nation of a month-long saga over dell.

Cristina alesci, do do have you out there in austin, texas.

We'll be checking back in with

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