Are Consumers Excited by the Newest Smartphones?

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Dave Goldberg, CEO at Surveymonkey, discusses consumer reaction to the latest smartphones from Samsung and Apple on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

About the health of the smart phone market?

There were a lot of people there.

80,000 people.

But there was not a lot of excitement when people were talking about.


They unveiled the galaxy s five.

There was silence.


It was not an overwhelming wow.

It was more like, this is incremental and nice.

It is an interesting thing.

It has seemed innovative and outpacing apple, yet apple.

That same reaction back to the five.

Are we reaching the limit yet though we ran the survey.

17% of the people said they owned the samsung galaxy, which is high.

67% said they have no intention of upgrading.

People are pretty happy with their four.

You can drop it in water and it will be ok.

There are cool features but we seem to be slowing down on the features people want.

The thing that did come back that people really want, and this is hard to do and not some you will get done in a year, people want longer battery life.

We have big phones with great screens and he can do amazing things, and then they die.

If i knew i could get a phone with a battery that would guaranteed to last name -- that is guaranteed to last a long -- i'm curious.

Would people be willing to upgrade if apple came out with a bigger screen?

Class there will be people.

We did not seem -- see screen size as the big thing people want it.

Battery life.

There was not much interest from apple users who do not have a five s buying a five s. what about the five c? no interest at all.

Sometimes i wonder if the billboards are a signal of what apple is trying to push.

There are so many of these billboards.

I wonder, is it that in the water?

It looks like it is not found its niche.

Price is something people care about.

But it is not that cheap.

They do want a smart watch from apple.


Data people are really excited.

What is probably most interesting is people are much more excited about a smart watch than google glasses.

We see that continuously.

They want a smart watch from apple.

They believe apple will create a sky -- a great smart watch.

More coming up.

Also, a survey about bitcoin.

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