Are Chris Christie’s Presidential Ambitions Dead?

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Al Hunt discusses New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s future in light of the “Bridgegate” scandal. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Before we talk about how damaging, let's talk about how legitimate.

I do not know how legitimate because i do not know what evidence there talking about or what facts they have.

I do not know any of that.

The democrat investigating christie in the state legislator , he said he did not know.

The question of how damaging it is legally, how damaging is it politically?

Chris christie has been hurt so badly.

Perhaps irrevocably as far as being a republican nominee.

I could pick either one of two.

Either he will be or he will not be able to finish his term as governor.

I would pick the latter at the moment.

His presidential aspirations, probably a permanent blow.

What is at the end of this?

He comes out clean.

He stood up for himself.

Is there not a silver lining?

The media is attacking them.

The best he could come out with this, he had -- he set a tone that was bad.

Totally improper.

Chris christie's appeal was that he was a winner.

When other politicians got in trouble, he had a face.

His face was moving.

Conservatives were with him the matter what.

His face with african-american.

Chris christie's face our people who think she is a winner.

Is very clear winner in the republican party?

Could republicans say yes he has had a bad run but we do not have the next possible decent candidate?

Class there are a lot of decent candidates.

All the big chris christie reporters in new york city, who do you think they would get behind?

It is so hard to me to side with eric over stephanie but eric is right there at there is a long time.

I think those people who thought, we will go with the winner and the most likely is chris christie, the damage has been extraordinary and stephanie, i am not saying he is culpable of any wrongdoing per se.

Again, everything that happened, every bad thing that happened, was done by chris christie's people.

Hold on.

Everything bad that happened, chris christie's people, not him.

President obama is saying as it relates to the affordable care act, it happened on my watch but it was not me.

That does not make obama's presidency look any better.

It makes it look worse.

It looks like he is not a chief executive.

We have had this conversation and you have said, president obama did not necessarily do it.

Chris christie did not necessarily do it.

At some point, he could say, these are my people and not me.

Does he have to take a fall for it?

Right on.

Chris christie is playing a huge party for what happened.

My guess would be it is not about traffic closure but more about other things.

If you are a candidate who wants to run for higher office, that is not good news.

An investigation is not an indictment.

You're innocent until proven guilty.

You are right.

I am just talking about his political process.

One example, the washington post

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