Are Apple's New iPhones Worth the Hype?

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The Kernel Editor-In-Chief Milo Yiannopoulos and Engadget Senior European Editor Sharif Sakr discuss Apple's new iPhones on Sept. 11 Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)


Guys, good morning.


The surprise factor is not there anymore in the way it once was.

Anybody impressed?

Absolutely not.

It is very clear, at this point, these incremental improvements -- apple is pretty good at it or mental -- edgar mitchell improvements.

-- apple is pretty good at the incremental improvements.

The things being touted as these great innovative improvements -- fingerprints, really?

I don't think anyone is going to be excited.

The faster chip?

A lot of processing will be needed to do that weekly.

The thing with the fingerprint scanner, having tried it out, it is fast.

This is cap, you are in.

No passwords.

If you already own an iphone and you're ready for an upgrade, are those people going to look at this new iphone and not want it?

I think they will.

They are all ready in the ios world.

If you were to come up with a sort of crafty new feature, o god, what are we going to do now?

How about fingerprints?

It sounds like a terrible idea of the marketing department.

If it works, then it works.

If it makes life easier, then it makes life easier.

The marketing people probably love this.

That is their job.

They're using 64 bits as a banner for chip improvements.

Perhaps it doesn't merit that, but there are real improvements to the chip.

Is it a retreat from what apple were doing a couple of years ago saying, is a post specification world, this is ash i think the ipad2 lunch when steve jobs says this was the marriage of the different directions.

Suddenly, it was not how much storage you had or ram, it was a retreat because apple knows it is losing ground into the sort of technical battles, you know, the specification olympics, which apple doesn't need to win anymore.

Given the choice between gimmicks which are game changers, given that, and the risks involved with the moto x with its sudden -- funny back covers, i would go with the more assertive incremental upgrades because i know he will have an impact on my daily life.

People are depending on her iphones to keep them going.

Let's talk about price.

The c looks expensive.

It is designed opening this company up . it is a commoditization, a desire to beat everybody else in the emerging markets.

Doesn't look expensive?

It is hideous.

It is a lot of plastic.

It is hideously ugly, disgusting pictures.

Are these colors going to appeal to china?

And the price point?

I don't know who this product is for.

They have in the past.


Not in their glory days.

The products they have made in multiple colors, the nano commit a bit marginal product lines.

They have not made them serious money.

They are a disgusting colors.

It is overpriced, the 5c. the one we got yesterday was this would be cheap, less than $400. it is too expensive.

What does that tell us about apple?

They're going to make a lot of money.

I don't know how much cheaper it is to manufacture these things, but i would think it would be significant.

You look at the way they adjust their pricing and tone down.

It just shows apple has no idea what the middle of the market looks like.

Fox should it?

Should it want to?

I think it needs to add a point when it is filled to continue innovative at the top end.

Apple is a company that has a history of launching amazing products and then getting undercut and having its lunch eaten by doing what it does better later.

The problem is, when you stop releasing new products -- we went through a series of product innovations apple livered over relatively long period of time, always assuming now is the right time for the next product innovation but apple is not ready to deliver.

In 12 months time , is apple going to change our minds and generate a new category of technology that we haven't seen before?

Ironically, that is where the process may come into it.

The number of transistors in this thing, which are the fundamental units, they're up there with desktop pcs, it is all most like apple is paving the way for something.

Maybe this new category we're waiting for.

Maybe we are overenthusiastic and wanted to happen sooner, and sensing it should.

I think technology is going to be critical.

The new chips could make wearable devices much more possible.

That is what we're waiting for.

I don't want a watch.

Thank you, guys.

Let's get some corporate news out there and talk about what we need to know.

Speaking of apple, there is an agreement to offer apple's latest iphone from summer 20. they had previously resisted the iphone to focus on handsets from sony and samsung.

And protect its online store from competition with itunes.

Facebook sheryl sandberg met with china's internet regular yesterday, talked about the role facebook plays in helping chinese companies expand overseas.

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