Can Apple Deliver the New iPhone Customers Want?

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Mortimer Singer, CEO at Marvin Traub Associates, and Ellen Zentner, senior U.S. economist at Morgan Stanley, examine Apple’s retail business and Facebook ad revenue ahead of their quarterly results on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is the ultimate retail expense but if i look at the sales estimates today, the numbers will be reported flat.

What is apple doing wrong?

You know a lot about the fact they haven't come out anything terribly new recently.

They've had eight quarters of slowing growth, except the last one which was a slight uptick from the one before.

Ultimately, their american business is huge compared to the rest of the world.

There are still a lot of opportunity to push the chinese business.

Would you suggest the chinese or indian business would be less fourth quarter waited than in the u.s.? are they going to be a company that lives and dies october to january?

Many of those -- and india, the festival of lights is in the fourth quarter.

?? what about facebook the big issue with facebook -- apple, is whether they release these two larger screen units.

That could result -- late june, maybe.

Boy genius on twitter out of greenwich, connecticut, the go-to guy, he has been blogging and tweeting about the new iphone and says it will be larger.

They're going to take the screen all the way to the edge of the case.

Do i want a larger screen?

I think at your age, you need a larger screen.


Even i have a screen twice the size as that one.

Back in the day, the tinier your cell phone could be, the better.

And now it is getting bigger and bigger where it looks like people are holding their ipads to their year.

-- ear.

There's more room for facebook to advertise to you.

More and more people are using these big phones and facebook has this dominant position as the most engaged mass reached.

Their 52% now and mobile revenue.

The consensus is seen as achievable but user growth will be difficult, challenging because they're moving off such a large base.

I go back to google and mobile growth, and negative 9%. you do wonder, given how the stock has performed.

We talked about how facebook is up 65% since its ipo.

High-growth tech stocks have stumbled of late.

Even if they do beat their numbers, will they get the uptick in the share price?

Not necessarily.

Looking at the past three earnings announcements, facebook

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