Are Amazon's New Kindle Fires a Threat to Apple?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone discusses Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablets. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

That is out next month.

What is the strategy here?

In previous generations, amazon has made compromises.

The first generation was kind of blocky and didn't do much.

The second-generation you don't have a back facing camera.

This device is very competitive with the ipad.

Then they have the lower model for the more thrifty buyers that cost $139. you just compared it to the ipad.

Jeff bezos says own comparative apple, our strategy is very different.

How so?

When you are making a higher end tablet, don't you have to compare it to the ipad?


It does most of the things the ipad does.

The place it does fall short is the app store.

There is not the selection.

There's is no chrome browser or google maps.

It is not quite where the other tablets are.

How well is the kindle still doing in general?

If you look at the guys out there who crunched the data from third-party companies, they say that kindle has negligible global market share.

Right, in the u.s. it is strong, depending on whose numbers you look at.

The thing to remember is this market is growing massively.

Doubling and tripling every year , far exceeding pc sales.

Is the kindle something you need the latest generation of, like the ipad?

If you have one of the older models where you can read on it just fine, are you good?

That is amazon's challenge, to convince the non-core customers why they need one.

They made a big deal yesterday about enterprise users.

Is there a reason to bring the kindle fire to work?

That is the challenge.

Brad stone, thank you.

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