Aqua America Sees Flowing Acquisitions, Dividends

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Nicholas Debenedictis, CEO at Aqua America, discusses the company’s plan for increased fracking, the state of America’s water and sewer infrastructure and their dividend growth. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Business model first is to be a reliable service or a product.

Specific is to fix infrastructure where we get rewarded i regulators through a return on the investment and to grow our base by buying small water companies.

We are the second largest.

Ferris -- sarah mentioned revenue but where do want to be and 5, 10 years?

Right now very small because we only have one pipeline to deliver water to the drillers.

The joint venture with pvr partners, a midstream gas mlp, and we have a 55 mile pipeline that is servicing a number of drillers.

We anticipate that being duplicated.

Pennsylvania is booming with gas drilling.

We are the largest supplier for the gas industry.

Infrastructure is a hot topic in washington these days.

What is the state of america's water and sewer infrastructure and do we need to see more government intervention their?

Overall about d+. that is what the society of civil engineers gets the great because we have basically lived off of deferred events.

Time to start fixing.

Most high-tech companies have been systematically changing out the system over the years.

That is why we spend 350 million dollars on capital improvements.

Are you looking to make more acquisitions in doing that to improve and five more public minutes of full water plants and add to the portfolio?


This is been around since i came to the company over 20 years ago.

It has helped to spare growth in the customer base and net income.

We are looking for the 14th year in a row of record earnings this year.

What kind of effect is all the political uncertainty of washington happening -- having on the acquisition strategy?

Actually helps us.

We do not like to see see -- free federal money going to minutes of polities.

The more we let the private sector compete, the better it is for a company like ourselves.

We cannot compete with free money from washington.

If that is what they will give for them to help the infrastructure.

We would rather see a pay-as- you-go.

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