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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Winsdor, founder at Radio Free Mobile, talks with Francine Lacqua about Apple giving up market share by not offering lower priced products, gross margin expectations for the company and his tech investment strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

For anything.


i think the first thing to break down is they are not going to hold on to market share.

Because they have declined to participate in the cheaper end of the market and that is where the growth is.

That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Down there, it is extremely price competitive.

It is very difficult to make money.

Apple is happy to keep its position in that segment.

How concerned are you about margins?

If we look at the growth margin, due to a change in how they price things?

Yeah, what really happened was that there was an accounting change in termses of how they recognized defered revenue.

If you take that out, the first fiscal quarter is in line with expectations.

If you look at the market out there, it is more competitive.

They are less differentiated than they were.

The issue is this disappointment in the market that apple is not starting to address other segments because other segments like televisions and wristwatches that apple will restart revenue growth.

Their market share in those segments is so very high.

If you're a shareholder, do you own apple and samsung?

Do you have to choose because they are eroding profits.

If you were to choose, you would choose samsung.

It is a fresher, stronger proposal?

Great question.

The answer is i would not choose either of them.

In this whole ecosystem space, if you look at samsung and apple, expectations are pretty much out there in terms of what they can really deliver.

Once i would want to look at are the up-and-coming ecosystems.

The surprising.


The companies coming into that ecosystem space.

What would you be buying?

What is the quhun company that we don't focus on a lot?

The golden jewel in the tech crown?

At the moment, my top pick definitely would be yahoo!. the reason being that most people have written out yahoo!

As a proper internet company.

It has a very good range of services that it needs to incorporate great.

It has a lot of upsathe side if it -- upside if it can get its service on the yahoo!


They have the most on the upside.

Nokia is come out with earn information 2 1/2 hours from now.

Not really no.

If we dialed back six months, i would have told you i love nokia because there was plenty of upside.

Now as a shareholder, if you look at nokia, the device business, the value you're going to get from that is crystalized.

Now you have to look at the networks, the patent portfolio.

All of those have some performance upside, but it is going to take a little bit of time.

I can see the stock drifting sideways for two or three years before something really starts to happen there.

You like yahoo!. you also like microsoft, though.

Similar reasons?

These are almost turnaround stories?

Yeah, to a degree.

If you look at microsoft, at some point the p.c. market is likely to stabilize and then microsoft is in a pole position to benefit.

Also, again, look through what assets microsoft has.

They have all the building blocks to put together a really successful ecosystem.

And today, no one is giving you any credit for hose those assets whatsoever.

If the new c.e.o. can come in then you the potential for upside in microsoft.

Plus people have written it off and the multispl very low.

It has substantial upside just through the expansion of the

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