Apple Will Transform China Mobile: Borthwick

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Adams, president & CEO at Institute of International Finance and John Borthwick, CEO at Betaworks, discuss regulatory changes expected in 2014 and the impact of Apple on China Mobile’s business on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What do you want secretary lew to say?

2014 may be one of the most complicated years in the history of reg look toward promulgation.

Not just the u.s., europeans and global regulators that have been incredibly busy.

We will be sitting here a year from now and a very different place.

The amount and sweep a regulatory changes.

Changes we cannot even begin to anticipate.

To paint a picture.

Iif nmeeting is tim adams herding cats.

Banker doug flynn is running the shop.

There are a lot of people upset with each other.

How a part are the europeans and the united states bankers this december?

We are 500 institutions but not just bankers.

A whole bunch of institutions.

It is difficult to find consensus on the big issues but also difficult for the regulators.

One of the big challenges is likely to a fragmentation, which ultimately cost us the global growth.

Why is the focal role -- volcker rule 950 pages question mark identifying each heads with another transaction -- imagine how many transactions every single day.

Billions of transactions.

Being able to tie them together.

Is it workable?

We will see.

And also we will see what happens with china mobile and apple because apple made a big announcement it signed a deal with china mobile.

Beta workdss ceo.

John, does this change the game for apple because so many say apple lost his footing when it announced the overpriced 5c? i think things do get balance.

The 5c is an important unit and the 5s is where a lot of people i spend my time with -- they are interested in it.

But being 5c is a very important phone for apple to expand and push down android on the bottom end.

Apple has done an incredible job of dominating the smartphone space.

You can still see it in the numbers.

If you look at the products we build, we have practically all of our products are mobile products.

Yet perhaps in every case android usage is about 30% of ios, and monetization, 90/10. in china, will it be an apple dominated world or the local vendors like lenovo?

I don't think apple dominated but i think very strong apple position gets opened up because of the partnership.

You call it strategic partnership.

Look what apple and at&t do in the united states?

It transforms mobile business and it will do the same.

Will the chinese be different or will they be aspirational and pay up for the fancy iphone?

I think aspirational.

Use of the amazon guys have -- put up a new version of kindle and they ran an ad is saying here is the ipad, here's the candle, the kindle is cheaper and has the pixels.

Apple has mastered the ability of taking technology products and transforming them into livestock products and making us want them like fashion products.

People come in and say my thing has more pixels, mine is a little faster, mine is cheaper -- i am not going to win the game.

Surveillance nightmare.

John figuring out what to do with the amazon jerome -- jeromedrone.

He would have in my bedroom.

The amazon drone thing is remarkable.

About 18 months ago on the internet there was something french people put out of a french post office doing delivery with drones.

It was a joke.

This was masterfully laced in the media.

Charlie rose -- thanks, charlie rose.

Can we say that on air?

A "surveillance" first -- major misconduct.

General motors pulling the chevy brand out of europe.

It will stop selling chevys in the region by the end of 2015 and will focus on building theopel brand instead.

The brand had little more than one percent of the market.

Gm says the cost of the move could total as much as $1 billion.

Southwest is gaining from the american airlines-u.s. airways merger because it along with virgin america will gain slots at new york laguardia airport due to antitrust settlement.

They are said to be picking up rights to 34 daily landing and pick up spot at laguardia.

The postal service will expand the same day delivery service to the new york area next week.

This same day delivery was rolled out in san francisco last

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