Apple Wearable Coming Before New Apple TV: Blair

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Wedge Partners Senior Research Analyst Brian Blair discusses his outlook for Apple TV and wearable computing on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The home is the fabric of everything.

It's important because the perception is that if apple is behind, they are not outwardly trying to buy any pieces of the puzzle.

They do have the apps and if we do see a television from them in the next 24 months, that could be a way they get into the smart home business.

They are certainly not going after these connected appliances.

You think the television will happen this year?

There is no evidence in the supply chain yet.

There is evidence we could see a smart watch or something wearable this calendar year but i don't think that we will see a tv this year.

Don't you think the tv industry is kind of a lousy business to be in?

It is not right but now we are at the beginning of seeing an upgrade cycle from these traditional hd tvs to 4k television that are twice the resolution.

Samsung came out with a huge one.

Lg as well and sony.

A lot of them are bendable or curved.

This is an opportunity for apple to potentially get into the television business.

There will be an upgrade cycle.

I think they will.

They play around with a lot of things that don't ever come to market but this could be one of those.

Until there is supply chain evidence, it is uncertain.

There is this idea of the connected car that we saw at ces.

Driverless cars was a big

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