Apple Upgrades Top-Selling Products

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Betty Liu reports on today's top tech news stories on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Downloads in the eye tone -- in the itunes store continuing.

Streaming music services like pandora and spotify get some of the blame for taking the share away.

Here is a look at the top tech stories on the bloomberg west radar, preparing for the upcoming holiday season, the technology giant will unveil the ipad mini and a thinner ipad at an event tomorrow cording to people with knowledge of those plans, also introducing a new high-end mac pro desktop computer.

Despite all the blackberry problems of the last two years the company has continued to amount patents that they are using to entice bidders.

They are valued at anywhere from $1 billion to three billion dollars according to the intellectual property owners association.

Next quarter earnings after the bell today, they are expected to report that they passed hbo with 30 million customers as of september 30 last month.

Reed hastings attempted to transform the streaming service into a web-based full-fledged television network with its own original content.

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