Apple Unveils 13", 15" Retina Macbook Pros

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman updates the latest news from Apple's event in san Francisco. he speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Listening to tim cook say the competition is confused reminds me of a time when i heard steve jobs say smaller tablets were dead on arrival.

Then apple came out with a smaller ipad.

What do you make of tim cook taking a jab at the competition there?

Obviously there is always going to be an opportunity for any of the executives to say we are in the driver seat, we are in the pole position.

I want to go back to something said earlier in the comments -- he said the comments were falling flat.

The people who are tied to the world that is apple, one of the first things apple unveiled today is that hit -- it has paid developers in the neighborhood of $13 billion.

We knew coming into this event that there were 375,000 apps for the ipad and we came here to learn about ipads today and that tells you a lot erie it there are a lot of people in the world that is ipad, despite the fact that there are competitors whether we are talking about samsung, google, amazon or microsoft or chinese players like lenovo.

Apple can continue with this kind of format or approach so long as people are tied -- it looks like tim cook is back on stage right now and it looks like this is the moment we have all been waiting for.

He is talking about the ipad at this very moment.

58 minutes into the program.

They are certainly making us wait.

Always leave the good stuff for the end.

I think that tells you may be we will see some incremental changes with these devices.

Maybe something that isn't necessarily seen as groundbreaking.

But i will emphasize how important it is for apple to refresh these devices because they are still seeing some early big rows of numbers in markets like latin america and we are talking about a product that in 2000 nine at represented no percentage of revenues and is now 20% of revenues.

Even just tweaking these, apple knows they can't get the sales that it is helpful for in a bigger way and keep the engine moving along.

There was a similar criticism directed at apple tied to the launch of the iphone 5 s, whether there would be enough new bells and whistles.

We see in the early numbers of those devices is that apple may have something going when it comes to the pricing and product rollout or new feature rollout.

I will be interested to know what happens with the pricing, if there is an announcement tied to the ipad do they get it to where google and amazon have been pricing?

They have been increasing the prices on some of their higher and prices.

You get all geared up for an interesting holiday season.

As you hinted earlier, it was not a full factor that steve jobs believed in at the beginning.

170 million ipads have been sold so far.

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