Apple Unseats Coke as Most Valuable Brand

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) – On today’s “The Roundup,” Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns, Cristina Alesci and Barclays Head of Equity Strategy Barry Knapp wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tracking ahead of the morning tomorrow.

Well, the apple comeback continues, iphone maker unseating coca-cola as the world's number one brand.

This is the first time in 13 years they have not held the top spot.

The brand value is worth $98 billion.

The ceo comes on bloomberg often and said that every once in a while a company comes along and changes our lives with their egos.

I think that in the case of apple, that is true.

They have built products around an ecosystem in a totally different way.

The iphone speaks to the computer and it did not happen before.

I got a macbook and then realized it was not my phone.

Microsoft, number four brand?

They really missed of the mobile evolution as people made their way off onto mobile devices.

If you think about it, the next generation, millennial's, probably do not use windows products.

They are working for you.

Other technology brands dropped off.

Blackberry, as well as yahoo.

One name that should be on that list is twitter, finally opening up to investors.

According to a report, they will be making a secret initial public offering document available and they reveal could come as early as this week.

Shares could begin trading by late october or early november if the offering is fast track.

This is the one that everyone knows.

Could there be some sort of delay in that finding because of the securities and exchange commission?

Those people will not be working.

Are you calling them nonessential?

[laughter] the flipside of that is that behind the scenes the people are saying that a lot of this is an agenda behind the scenes.

If you compare twitter to facebook ipo, they really have built up their management team and they know the markets with a cfo that has taken other companies public.

Presumably they are well aware of the external factors and they will play their hand mark.

Well, there has been a lot less trading in the secondary market.

I am not sure what we call a market for stocks like this.

Not a secondary market, it should be the gray market.

One of my favorite things about the twitter ipo story is all the things that they will be making all $2 million on.

Ashton kutcher, they need the money, they really got in early on twitter.

Remember, goldman sachs was buying out facebook he for they went public and there have been very few transactions.

Let's stick with goldman.

I bet that they warm-up or in the height of the financial crisis.

It may make him one of the largest shareholders.

After lehman collapsed in 2008, berkshire hathaway help them to shore up capital for $5 billion in goldman sachs.

That agreement means berkshire receives 13 million shares worth $2 billion.

It is amazing, this guy made a killing off the crisis.

He is probably the 911 number in the panic.

This profit comes on top of the preferred profit that he got from the preferred stake, $1.5 billion.

Plus he got bought out at a premium when goldman redeemed the stake.

If i recall the yield on that , it was 10%. i think it was a bet on the main players.

He knew the government was not going to let these other bigger banks fail after lehman.

Remember, he turned him down early in the process.

And now his favorite bank is wells fargo.

His favorite holding.

The largest mortgage originator in the country.

Just think, one out of three mortgages, wells fargo.

I am getting off for just one second -- getting off of wall street for just one second.

Amc, charging advertisers top dollar in the long anticipated series finale.

That is including network it's. up 300% from last year's finale, this thing could not gain any more steam.

And yet none of us watch it.

[laughter] why would we?

Homeland, homeland, homeland.

Not to mention sunday night football.

Why would you watch "rigging bad ," when you have football and "homeland"? i think that julie hit on one of the most interesting things, netflix enabled it to be a late bloomberg.

You could go on netflix and catch up.

Doom -- in my defense, i am totally addicted to "mad men.

Low -- madman." likes you are forgiven.

I am not sure that any of us are.

That is your close.

We have your first trade for

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