Apple TV Is a Natural Fit: Vevo CEO

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff discusses Vevo launching on Apple TV. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back to "bloomberg west ." we have seen apple tv doing so many of these deals lately.

Walk us through the process.

Thank you for having me.

Our mission is to bring our programming to everybody on the planet.

Apple tv was a natural fit on the place we have always wanted to bring vevo.

All of our videos, live channels, original shows, live concerts.

We have been waiting and ready and we are able to bring it to market.

It has been a long time in the works.

Over that stretch, you have been signing other deals.

You have shared a number before, but remind people.

How much of this video viewing is taking place away from the pc?

In north america now, over 50% of our videos streaming is happening away from the traditional pc.

That is driven by mobile, tablets, and television.

We are seeing that vevo on xbox, and now one apple tv, in addition to iphone and android, is really exploding.

The fastest growing part of our business and now comprises over 50% of our streaming each month in the u.s. that is over 500 million streams.

Speaking of exploding, when something gets hot in music, it gets hot.

If you were to look at what is trending, it is no surprise that material tied to miley cyrus and robin thicke.

Explain how that turns into revenue.

The business behind it.

Music is a pipeline to the soul, an emotional response.

We built a platform that builds an audience of hundreds of aliens of people around the planet.

When you are connecting with that that hundreds of millions of people around the planet.

Rams are looking to reach that audience.

-- brands are looking to reach that audience.

Everybody on the planet loves music.

We are the best place to reach them in a highly atomized and distributed world.

If you want to reach them on youtube, the iphone, or on any of these new television platforms, vevo is the place you can do that.

You got the apple tv deal done.

Will there be more deals to do?

The company is very focused on international growth.

We are on apple tv today in over 12 countries.

We are working to bring vevo to every screen in every country that our viewers are asking for.

Right now, that is mobile, tablets, and television.

I will look to see vevo with our linear channels coming to a tv

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