Apple Probes Reported iPhone Electric Shock Death

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Engadget Senior Associate Editor Michael Gorman discusses a report of the electrocution of a Chinese woman by an Apple iPhone with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is there any way this could have possibly happened?

It is certainly possible.

She does gotten out of the tub.

This provides a better conduit for electricity.

They do pull enough electric current to potentially kill someone in this fashion.

It is not impossible, but it seems like are rare occurrence.

There have been a number of theories out there.

She was using a counterfeit charger.

Soaking wet.

Barring those issues, what are the chances this could have happened with a legitimate iphone 5 and charger?

I think it is highly unlikely.

These chargers go through lots of testing.

They are engineered to keep people safe and keep people from being electrocuted.

Generally speaking you are looking at a possible defect with the charger or particular phone she was using at the time.

For something like this to happen.

Generally the electrical wires and chargers are very well insulated and isolated from people.

It would be extremely unusual for this to be an actual apple charger or found that caused the problem.

Certainly possible.

Apple has faced problems with overheating comer reports of a device catching fire.

-- reports of device is catching fire.

Could this be related?

Probably not.

What you are looking at here is more of a charger issue.

When the phones are catching on fire, iphone 4, not divides 5's. those overheat.

There is chemistry involved.

This sounds like something different.

What is the most likely scenario?

China has had trouble with counterfeit chargers in the past.

Also a potential with the wiring in her home.

What do you think really happened?

Picco possible there could have been a split in the installation somewhere that's caused a problem could have been an off- brand charger that was not as the really engineered as we expect from major engineers like apple.

Probably one of those issues.

Certainly if she was in the tub and her hand was wet when handling the device, that will increase the chances as well.

What about those of us that have an iphone 5? do we not use it when it is charging?

Picco i think the best is to use a certain amount of common sense.

Generally a bad idea to handle a electrical devices when you are in and around the tub or when you are wet.

I use my phone when it is took to the charterer all the time.

I have never had a problem and never heard of anyone being shocked or having issues with that.

I think for the general public, really all you need to take away from this is generally stay away from your phone if you would just popped out of the shower.

Generally speaking, most people can feel safe and secure when they are handling their phones.

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