Apple Takes Down Developer Site After Hacking

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Apple's developer site is unavailable for software engineers after a hacker tried to steal personal information, the company said. Immunity CEO Dave Aitel speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West" (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple holds may be one of the largest piles of customer information anywhere on the internet.

This is a developer information.

Why would a hacker want to get that?

The object that is a good question.

The most basic answer is that the developers are key to all of the users.

If you can hack a developer, you may have access to tens of thousands of developers.

If i hacked into someone doing scientific calculations for a scientific program for the iphone, that might be an interesting application for me to trojan to get to some users.

In this case, when they say they discovered the intrusion, it looked like somebody sent them a note that said they were able to do this kind of work.

Historically, apple has had a bad relationship with the independents security community, and this is a clear example of how they made some missteps, and it cost them some money.

While we think of the developers website as key, it was built by a third party, and when they found a vulnerability, they now have to shut it down as they redo the whole thing.

A third party hacker community?

There is an independent community of security people out there who thought invulnerability is in all sorts of things.

One of my friends is one of these things.

He announced they found a vulnerability in apple network, and they shut him out of the process for about a year or more.

This is not something you would expect from a tech giant like apple.

Google and facebook tried to hire you.

That has changed quite a bit, too.

Companies like microsoft and facebook used to have a small reward, but now they are offering big cash for people who can find vulnerabilities.

And you are talking specifically about google and microsoft, who have been very aggressive in courting the security community.

They realize, deep down, it is cheaper and more effective.

Apple is on the other side of the story, goes as far as it can to alienate the security community.

I do not know why you would think they would do that.

They seem to go their own way in all kinds of business relationships.

Any indication that they would change the way they are doing things, responding to this awareness, suggesting a different way to do things in the future?

This shows they have not changed a lot, but we have a conference every year here in miami, and they do send people to that.

They are active in sort of infiltrating the security community, but certainly not rewarding them quite yet.

This is like the we will not negotiate with terrorists, and but when everyone else is, maybe not the worst thing to do.

There is a threat to their developer website, all of their web sites, to everything they do.

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