Apple Shares Drop Below $100 After Stock Split

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June 9 (Bloomberg) –- Boy Genius Report President and Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Geller, Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky and Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro discuss Apple’s stock split. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It is cosmetic surgery.

By 7 it will be equal to that one stock.

It was a lot lower.

One was the retail investor.

Maybe it was on the dow.

When you trade, you have too much swing.

This is one of the obstacles removed.

There is a big debate.

Are we going to be looking at the dow.

They do not do anything without thinking through every scenario.

90 dollars a share.

There is a possibiility it could be on th i really expecte dow.

To see a really big second half.

That is an interesting observation.

Do you know this proves confidence there?

People have been very disappointed in the lack of new stuff that apple has been able to bring forward.

Does this indicate this move in any way?

In part.

Some of this is tim cook.

They thought stock splits were silly.

He is running against himself.

What they're trying to do is take the story direct to retail investors.

Stock splits were all htethe rage a decade a go.

Mabe something like 10 or 15. it has gone with the disappearance of retailers in the market.

I think this is an attempt to shift directly, yes?

American consumers know this company so well.

Being able to now buy a share in the company, whose laptop you use is appealing.

If you have the choice between an iphone and a share, you will choose the iphone.

Are we not smart enough now after decades, centuries of trading that the valuation on the stock has that changed?

That retail investor that they are talking about, i hate to say it.

Johnson makes a good point.

Re: that smart?

-- are we that smart?

We surveyed a few hundered people.

Uniformly, 70% or 80% say absolutely.

They were comparing apple stock price to google which is at 900. people are done.

Coming out here.

What does it matter being part of the dow?

There are a lot of index funds that apple would be exposed to.

It is also something for normal retail ordinary investors.

A lot of retail investors do not fall the nasdaq as much.

Is he playing though?

All you are telling me is that the retail investment should know enough.

Maybe they want to buy it.

I jet the benefits of the plane.

They are hammering them when they do not really need to be hammered.

They go exactly to the end customer.

This is only $90. you can jump in if you like.

It is a way to cut through that.

X this seems to be another kind of financial engineering that will help the on the margin.

They made this back when they announced it.

They will amp this up and announced the splits.

This was more from the engineering.

This is an attempt to fill the gap of what is supposedly a release schedule.

Lacks all right.

We will be watching it.

More people will be buying it at

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