Apple, Samsung Both Face Threat from China: Grobart

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek senior correspondent Sam Grobart takes a look back at 2013 for Apple and Samsung on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

2013. when you met with the apple people and they were adamant, all three executives, they weren't going down market.

Have the executed that?

Yes, they have.

It seems to be paying off.

You look at sales of the new iphone 5s and 5c, and the 5c is not doing as well because the 5s is doing so well.

Is that good news for samsung?

Sam knows also about samsung and the boston red sox.


What is the story on samsung?

Samsung is trying to attack apple of the same rate that apple operates at, but also trying to cover the low end.

They have the integration be able to pull that off.

Whether or not they will be successful, there are serious tensions between samsung and google, which provides the operating system for all their smartphones.

It seems you're describing what is happening in the u.s., but the battleground will be china and their samsung has the upland, especially the novos of the world which are local.

And the chinese manufacturer are a to apple and samsung together.

-- are a threat to apple and samsung together.

It is just a matter of time before someone comes along -- apple says, no way.

But even as we pay so much attention to how much apple prices its i devices, yet reports that walmart will sell the 5c markdown and also the 5s at a discount.

We talked about how apple is held onto its price strategy, but it doesn't have the control of what the retailers do.

Walmart for $119? we will talk about that.

100 $27. that is a hairline fracture in what used to be an incredible -- impenetrable wall of apple.

Indications like that tells you something.

Let's bring it up right now, sam grobart effect.

Here's the chart of apple.

Apple rallies.

This has got to be a massive victory lap for tim cook.

Has he moved on from the legacy of mr.


I think he is beginning to do that, yes.

There's a huge shadow he is to operate under, but it has been some time and we're seeing the plans moving forward and they are successful.

That is a credit to tim cook.

Sam grobart with this.

We will talk about big seats and movie theaters.

Lazy boys.

Tom keene-sized seeds.

-- seats.

You could lie down as if you're lying on a bed and watch the movie.

And start snoring.

Companies thursday morning.

Partnership with general motors is disappointing, the british automaker says it will take a hit this year.

Part of the shortfall tied to the partnership with gm.

40% less than forecast.

The company's arbor day dropped plans to cooperate on subcompact vehicles.

Rbs settling an investigation into sanctions violations and will pay $100 million to settle with regulators from new york and the u.s. accused of violating

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