Apple’s Margins Have Come Down: Drogen

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Estimize Founder & CEO Leigh Drogen previews Apple’s 1Q earnings with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

About your company, of the percent of the time you're more accurate than wall street consensus.

For apple, this is the big show me quarter.

How many people bought iphone, how many people bought ipads for christmas.

We're going to find out today, what do you think the numbers are going to show?

Obviously, it is not as big as it is in a couple of years ago when it was blowing out numbers all over the place.

It looks like people are pretty bullish, but margins have come down man that will be the biggest thing.

They are under a little bit of pressure, because how are they going to grow this company?

The numbers are not as especially mindblowing as before.

People are thinking that there is going to be some margin contraction there, but that the revenue is going to come back into the stock.

How much more noise has to be filtered out or a company like apple than a lesser-known firm?

Our process, which runs this algorithm that would at all sorts of different characteristics helps us filter out all of those out letters -- outliers.

For apple, there is a huge range of estimates, and some are all over the place.

Facebook comes out later in the week, and for a long time the question was whether or they could monetize.

What are you expecting?

We are $.29 versus $.27, pretty far above on revenue.

They have been lying to the upside of quarter, -- all quarter, that has responded in the stock.

They have blown expectations out of the water the last few quarters.

It looks that the way the stock has moved compared to estimates will come more in line this quarter.

You have your students weighing in as well, and teenagers are saying facebook is dead, and it is just grandparents sharing photos of grandkids.

Do you see the students opinions with a contribute?

-- student's opinions when they contribute?

Much more bullish on the fundamental in the industry -- then the industry experts.

Interesting to see the right down that break down -- interesting to see the breakdown.

Huge holiday season, but there was a residency among the wall street community on just how well a company can execute.

What are you thinking?

The biggest thing is margins, and nobody has a clue.

There is such a wide range of of expectations for what they're going to put as the bottom line.

Everybody is expecting a blowout quarter because of what happened at best i and ups -- best buy and ups.

They had to hire a whole bunch of people at ups, and their shares without.

Amazon took a lot of asked i business -- best buy business

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