Apple’s Macintosh: 30 Years of Home Computing

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Michael McKee highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Hard to believe.

This is what they used to look like when we were young.

Our friend, john skelly, posing with them back in 1984. look at that floppy disk drive.

Remember those?

All of a sudden, the pc was cool.

In 1998, they revamped it and introduced the imac.

The original was this blue.

It was hugely successful at the time.

They sold 800,000 of them in 139 days.

That would be a failure for an iphone.

Did you ever get one?


I still have my old one in my closet.

Here is the latest version of the imac.

They keep fixing the inside.

It features a shift for the aluminum form.

You can hang them on the wall if you want.

Similar shape.

They cost around $1300. this is the holding with consumer pricing.

Computers are more and more powerful.

They cost less.

What did he say the original price was?

$2500? in today's dollars, that would be a lot more.

We were talking about the 1984 macintosh ad.

Everyone talks about that.

It ran once in the super bowl.

It ran twice.

In idaho to qualify.

Nobody would see it then?

That ad is so important to us.

Younger people have no recollection of it.

They go on youtube and watch it.

This changes everything.

There waiting for the iwatch add.

That brings us to the twitter question.

What was apple's greatest innovation?

The pc, the macintosh, the iphone, the ipod, the ipad?

Tweet us.

This is "bloomberg surveillance,"

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