Apple’s iPhone Launch in a Nutshell

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson brings you a snack-size recap of yesterday’s launch of two new models of Apple’s iPhone. (Source: Bloomberg)

The latest apple product launch produced two new iphones, flashy colors, surprising materials, and some innovative hardware on the inside.

In case you missed it, here it is -- [applause] we are really excited to show you a few things this morning, ois 7, gorgeous animation, itunes radio.

Ios 7 will be available september 18. it has three amazing apps.

It has creativity.

All five are free and we will replace the iphone with not one but two new designs.

The first one is iphone 5c. it is made from one single part.

Unapologetically plastic.

32 gigabytes for $199. the second one is iphone 5s with diamond cut edges.

Three metal finishes, silver, gold, space credit.

Bigger pixels that make a better picture.

The third feature is security, touch id.

Your finger, a brand-new sensor, superthin.

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