Apple’s iPad Unveil Aimed at Microsoft: Malloy

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- John Malloy, co-founder at Blue Run Ventures, discusses Apple pitting iWork against Microsoft Office and the market opportunities created by the iPad. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

One of the early investors in paypal and wave, which is sold for $1 million to google after its creation.

You are making investments because what is going on with the ipad of smartphones.


What the ipad really means is the mobile devices in general are the 21st century computing platform.

Pads as a group are eating into the pc market share.

The great thing about that product and what apple is somewhat that is they have been very created just -- they have been very courageous.

It is eroding pc's. the announcement yesterday was more of apple talking to microsoft.

The iworks was an interesting release.

I would argue the microsoft price have sometimes been great thomas microsoft excel, in particular.

Iworks can't touch it.

But free is pretty different.

Free is an interesting strategy.

Microsoft is in the model charging for software.

Imagine charging for your product or grace imagine charging for software in a state in age.

It is really about the next great product, and that is what apple is driving.

Do you think they have a shot at the office business, or is this sort of the -- iworks was not working when those charts, so they're going to thrown in for free?

Pc sales are drastically falling and that sales are growing -- pad sales are growing quarter after quarter.

When you make investments, what new business opportunities are being created by this big shift into mobile?

I am really thinking about tablets.

I understand -- the way i look at it is a brilliant application for smartphones.

When you look at tablet of are there ways that will make that was releasing?

-- tablets really sing?


It is really about the size, the number of consumers you can get to be or really have to think broader.

You have to think about i was an android.

I don't really ever try to date myself pigeonholed into oh, i'm going into one particular form factor or one manufactured version of that form factor.

You have to really think about mobile more broadly.

Really it is about 20 for century computing.

What applications can be used now that we have these capabilities that are increasingly distributed around the world?

That is a great question.

What applications can we use now that these families have been distributed around the world?

Tremendous disruption has to happen in, just to pick one.

There is tremendous inefficiency in.

It is really about three disturbing information from the edge of the network to where the people with understanding of the issues in that industry can really make a difference.

I think we're going to see greater and greater efficiencies in a very inefficient market, and i think mobile is clearly going to be in that category.

The category of education -- education already being transformed by the impact of online.

Online is really yesterday's news.

This is the 21st century, and it is really about mobility.

You are looking of article apps in these areas where here is a great thing that will be an education product, i am going to invest in this company.

First and foremost, are you solving a really big problem?

In the case of ways, it was a big problem.

Nobody likes being in traffic.

Is universal.

We often have the feeling of whether it is here it or beijing or seoul, korea, or rome, why am i stuck in traffic?

It seems out the us, i would like to know that all the other people around me are extrinsic something and how we can do better.

That was a big idea.

Interesting, thank you very much.


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