Apple’s Homekit Makes Push to Energize Smart Homes

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June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Colin McKerracher examines Apple’s Homekit system to provide smart home technology, controlling all aspects of your house. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

This is big news in the connected home world.

This is apple trying to own the ecosystem in the home.

What apple is trying to do is own little ecosystem and that includes things like security, lighting, and energy as well.

What are the implications for companies like next?

You will see google make a competitive play.

Rival operating systems for the home?

What does it mean for energy suppliers?

This is an area you might not think, but energy suppliers have been trying to push into services for the home.

Providing things that are just selling you electricity.

The revenues are falling on the wholesale markets.

They are looking for new areas to make money.

They will try to compete for this as well.

The energy suppliers trying to differentiate themselves, it makes that market a little bit more crowded.

Instead of trying to sell you more gas, they will sell you a product that will help you manage the gas.

I was speaking to one of the senior managers at a large energy supplier and one of the things they said, we are trying all sorts of stuff within the home.

They will continue to do that.

There will be a real battle.

Companies like apple and google will compete for that relationship.

Interesting stuff.

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