Apple’s Cool in China, But I Have a Galaxy Note: Li

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg West’s Emily Chang sits down for an exclusive interview with Baidu’s Robin Li, China’s third richest man, about Apple in China. (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." baidu is the world's sixth most visited website.

All this week, we are bringing you my exclusive conversation with the company's ceo, robin li.

We talked about why he admires bill gates.

Today, we talked apple and why the iphone maker's market share is slipping in china.

Both are strong companies.

They have a lot of cash and they are strong-minded.

Apple has their ways of doing things.

China mobile has their ways of doing things.

If they match, they can have a partnership.

If they do not, they cannot.

What do you think of tim cook?

He is good, very reasonable, very smart.

He understands the chinese market.

How does he compare to steve jobs?

I do not know.

I never met steve jobs before.

From the media, i think he is very different.

He has very strong opinions.

He does not care too much about market.

Tim cook is more of a typical ceo.

Apple is losing market share in china.

Why do you think that is?

That has to do with the -- one-size-fits-all.

China's characters are very different than english.

Apple does not have a good one.

There are a lot of things that the chinese user is not so pleased about.

There is room for improvement.

Why don't they like?

They do not like the smaller screen compared to the samsung phone.

There are a lot of things -- the needs of -- the needs are chinese specific that may not be available on the ils system.

-- ios system.

Is apple not as cool as it once was?

Wax apple is very cool.

-- apple is very cool.

A lot of people, including my wife, use apple.

I am different.

I need to know the two markets.

I need to understand how the average mobile phone user feels.

I use an android phone.

The galaxy?

The galaxy nokia.

You like the larger size?

I am used to larger screens.

A smaller screen make things uncomfortable to me.

These days, when i carry a phone, i use it more or less as a pc.

People compare the ceo to steve jobs.

What do you think?

That is the alternative.

Xiaomi's ceo has a software background.

He truly understands how to design software and please the end user.

He did great.

They have a smart tv.

Should apple have a smart tv?

I do not know.

The whole world is moving into internet.

Eventually, all of the tvs will be internet enabled.

Exactly what kind of format or product, i do not know.

People are trying all kinds of different things.

It is too early to tell.

Should apple be innovating faster?

Apple is a great company.

Apple is just one company.

You cannot expect them to do everything for everyone.

When i talked to tim, he argued the same thing.

Do not try to be everything for everyone.

There are things we do and there are things we do not do.

Let's talk about the expansion of chinese companies.

Most of the chinese companies are not familiar with the international market.

China is a large market and it is growing quickly.

When you think about where to invest, china comes up first for a lot of people.

It took companies a long time to realize we need to go outside of china.

It is really a global competition and we need to go outside of china and serve users elsewhere.

That was baidu ceo robin li.

Tomorrow, we will discuss baidu's latest arches of an app

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