Apple Opening Arizona Plant, Creating 2,000 Jobs

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano reports on Apple’s new U.S. manufacturing push. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is a push that you see from these companies bringing back manufacturing into the u.s. why would foxconn want to do that?

Their customers want some of the devices made in the u.s., so they have a business opportunity.

Different states are trying to appeal to companies like apple, foxconn, and others to try to get that work.

What does that tell us about the apple plan.

What do they plan to do their?

It would be a facility in mesa, arizona.

They will have furnace equipment where they can make a mineral that is used for the touch sensor button on the 5s, also some coding that is made for the camera, to make it sturdier.

There are lots of components that go into making these things.

If some of that can be made in the u.s., they would love that.

And then they would ship it to china and then it would be assembled in china?

It depends on the product.

Or an iphone, it is hard to imagine millions of phones being assembled in the u.s.. that is primarily done by foxconn in china.

For example, apple is doing the mac pro in the u.s., but that is much more of a niche product.

There are a lot of robotics, a higher end product.

They will create 2000 jobs with this particular plant.

I wonder, what is the business behind us?

Does it cost more to do this, why have they decided to do this, other than to say made in the united dates?

I think that is part of that.

-- united states?

They have to operate a business as well, and that is why the macbook pro makes more sense.

It is a high-end product used by filmmakers and graphic designers.

They have a lot of robotics to make that.

It is very involved what goes into it.

Could you see apple darting other plants in the u.s., expanding the site?

They say there will be more in terms of this, but we do not know what that means.

It is an interesting trend, one that the government in washington and states have been pushing for.

I know you will be bringing us the details.

Thank you.

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