Apple May Sacrifice Profit to Grow: Kirkpatrick

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Rob Shepardson, co-founder at SS+K examine Apple results and how products figure into the long-term growth. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

18 different views i fell.

David kirkpatrick has written the apple effect.

You are a journalist, i am a journalist.

Thank you so much.

I have never seen such a set of varied opinions about one earnings report.

Why is that?

This is a company at a very interesting stage in the history.

A very profitable company.

At the same time, trying to protect its market share.

Making a series of subtle shifts to grow faster in product.

If you combine the multi-colored device, which it is cheaper, bmw of computing, combined that with what they are doing on getting away software free, big change on the computer.

Two things they have never done before that show they will really try to build market share . making a slow transition.

The single statistic i saw was 60%. was this in the analysis?

Not enough.

It'si keep making the comparison to amazon.

They had to figure out how do they get a little bit of that exceed us.

I think maybe they are thinking we will go more over time towards market share against samsung and others.

They do not have to do it fast because they are extraordinarily profitable.

They are making quiet moves in the long-term direction towards protecting the business.

Don't they need a new product?

Steve jobs would have brought a new product, not competed with once they have arty dominated.

We have heard about the tv, the watch.

Will that come in the first half?

He really foreshadowed a yesterday saying we will have big news in the coming year.

What i found interesting was another angle.

Apple mentioned they will remodel 20 stores.

They have not had an executive in charge of retail operations for a long time.

This is great.

We have a headline you can see.

Headline of what apple should not do.

That exceed exactly david kirkpatrick the anti-apple.

Think of hiring this.

They are moving more into luxury high-end.

They clearly dominate.

At the same time i think they will broaden the market and move down business.

I will follow-up on that

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