Apple Looks Inward to Revive Advertising Mojo

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Segall, author of “Insanely Simple,” talks with Betty Liu about how Apple is struggling to create stunning advertising and why the loss of Steve Jobs hurt the company’s marketing vision. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

? -- apple?

The big thing that has happened is steve jobs is not there, and the hall of fame created director is not part of the day today activities.

You have a different crew on both side of the east asian -- equation.

It was the jobs -- steve jobs came together on those ads.

How would you describe the apple ads these days?

My opinion is they are smaller.

My gold standard is the mac versus pc campaign.

They ran for over four years, was very effective, and people would talk about them the next day.

Then then -- the new stuff is beautiful.

When you mean softer, what you mean?

It is beautifully shot, all around the world, but you do not sit around saying did you see that amazing applea ad?

They are not as worthy like they used to be.

As i see that, they are more about feeling good, and it is less about -- they do not go viral as much as they did, if you could call it viral in the 1980's and the 1990's when people talked about it.

At that point, what does the company do?

Bring it in-house might be one way to take care of it, but it has its own pitfalls, right?

That is true.

It is a huge undertaking to build an agency.

I do not know a lot of companies that have done it with success.

An ad agency are trained professionals that do strategy and they have great leaders that have done this for, companies before.

To build your own, it is a question of who is going to lead the charge.

Do you have the experience?

You can hire a bunch of good creative people, but you do not throw them in a room and expect great things to happen.

You need to leadership and the vision, and steve jobs had that day today involvement, and he at this level of taste that was extraordinary -- they-to--- day-to-day involvement and this level of taste that was extraordinary.

What did he exactly bring?

What is it that made a difference?

There is a great youtube video of when steve was asked about how we felt about microsoft, and he said basically they have no taste.

He paused for a moment and he said i do not mean that in a little way.

I mean that in a big way.

That is exactly what he brought to the party.

It is true.

He had a level of taste -- is designed cents, his advertising cents, -- his design sense, advertising, he would look at ideas and judge them in a genius -type way.

He did not believe in focus groups.

It was i love this or i hate this, and you work until he loved something.

What does it mean for the agency, the fact that apple is not happy with them and they have taken it in-house?

How do they try to win the account back?

Good question.

I do not know the answer.

As the rumors go, we do not know what is really going on.

They compete now with in-house chains at apple, so you can only when these things by doing great work.

You would assume that apple would say look, a little competition might yield something a lot more creative

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