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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Segall, former ad executive at Apple, discusses Apple's approach to new hardware as the company is due for a product announcement. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Product with all of the excitement around the release?

Collects they certainly could use one.

-- they certainly could use one.

Personally i think they are behind.

All indications are that we will see a major revamp of the product line in september.

Your perspective is iconic.

You mentioned when you first saw the ipad you thought it was a typo.

Should they go after a lower price point market?

Or do they destroy the magic?

Collects they do destroy the magic if they do that.

There is talk of a low-cost iphone.

I think you will see a lower- cost iphone but it has to have apple quality to it or it is not going to support the brand.

We know apple is betting big three at it is excited about the -- is betting big.

It is excited about the iwatch.

I am personally holding out for one of those.

I think that will be a game changing product.

I think a lot out there -- i think apple will do it in a typical apple style.

As we wait for that breakthrough, the headlines is that apple is going for larger screens.

These are not the kinds of changes that apple fans or investors want to see.

I think there should be a larger iphone.

I expect there will be.

Steve jobs said the 10 inch ipad was the ideal size and when their market started euro and because of that we now have an ipad mini.

It is not enough to get at all faithful excited and believe they are regaining a touch.

I believe these are incremental things, like the ipod the line expanding over time.

Every three years there is the game changer.

We like it when guests take a victory lap.

If the four weeks ago you told ryan shannon you are last enthused about the surface.

-- you were less enthused about the surface . steve jobs's magic is not about a gimmick.

When you are competing with apple you are forced to come up with something and say it is better.

And then you don't really think you own one.

It only works in one direction, you have to look at it that way.

Collects what -- what business practices can they do to avoid making the surface?

Their engineers and designers are all working together.

Steve jobs talked about peeling away the layers of the onion.

To his point about the surface and the iterations of the iphone, it does seem we are at a saturated point in this market where we do not need to go out and wait in line for the next greatest and newest iteration of a product we already have.

Have we changed?

I think we do.

I am still going and getting my new iphone when it comes out.

You want the latest and the greatest.

You do not necessarily want a revolution.

When it is time to get a new phone you want the latest and greatest.

All indications are there be interesting new features in tghhe 5/s or the 6. samsung has really hit the ball out of the park, in many ways making fun of apple.

If you read the stories, if you have a lot of money it helps.

Samsung is spending three times what apple is spending.

I go down boulevards of major cities and there are samsung posters everywhere.

You get the feeling things are happening in that world because they are on big shows on tv.

I am beginning to see these bigger phones and i am beginning to see people use them quickly.

I they getting any traction?

I think they are.

I think it is the result of having a bigger screen and spending a lot of money.

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