Apple Is Going to Chug Along Sideways: Windsor

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April 24 (Bloomberg) –- Radio Free Mobile Founder Richard Windsor discusses Apple and Facebook earnings and what the numbers mean for the companies and for the tech industry. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That is a tough question to answer.

People want to see profitability of that to come through.

I think a lot of u.k. institutions are concerned that they will not have a big u.k. bank services that barclays does.

Very briefly, it is important for the agendas will.

Yes, indeed.

We will have to make some big decisions about the network and the underlying costs there.

Great to have you with us.

Christopher wheeler with med iobanker.

I'm waiting for the joggers to come past.

They're looking very energetic.

[laughter] pot kettle -- black.

[laughter] shall we move on and talk about technology?


Enough to restore investor faith intact.

For more analysis, we are joined with our guest.

Great to see you.

Try to dig into the apple numbers a little bit for us.

Ted to give us some clarity around what we are seeing in the market.

I think there are two areas where investors will be relieved on the apple numbers.

Is very healthy beat in terms of iphone shipments.

That has given you a nice revenue line.

The second thing is people were word that guidance is going to be a little bit soft.

Everyone is talking about this iphone six and the bigger screen, etc., etc.

They're worried more people than usual might hold off on buying a new iphone before the new one is available.

That could cause the next quarter q3 to be weaker than what people were looking for.

It was actually all right.

Estimates have come down.

I think that where he was nicely contained.

What you will see in apple now is i think a relief rally that will not be a big one.

And then more of the same.

It is struggling to find growth.


tim cook seems to be delivering at least from an investor perspective, he is delivering a balance sheet.

He is delivering more money to investors.

There is a very different approach.

What will you deliver -- what will he deliver in terms of new products?

That is what investors will look at.

Are you holding out for tv?

What kind of innovation?

A watch?

What will it be?

What always happens in the situation is everyone speculates like crazy.

But when the products him out, that was a bit boarding -- but when the products come out, it was a bit boring.

They are focused on providing exclusive content.

It is a hint at a bigger push on the tv side and it has been a bit of a hobby really.

The other is the iwatch.

Again, wearable watches is thats itolu -- solution him looking for a problem.

And now presents an growth rate.


It is not actually a growth rate.

What is going on here is you look at the traffic patterns.

It gives you a better idea.

It has been moving to mobile for a long period of time.

The ability to monetize that traffic was very poor.

What have done is put the mechanism in place to monetize it.

The reason the revenues going quickly is the company is catching up on the revenue that it missed out on.

Now when i look forward, i think there's still quite a lot of growth left in that revenue stream.

It is still not fully monetized, that opportunity.

Again, look at where expectations are and where evaluation is.

You start to be worried.

When does this come any -- company start slowing down?

Has the company finished doing deals for now?

They have been some big ones and small ones over the last quarter.

I wouldn't necessarily call $2 billion a small acquisition.

In terms of their cap, it is a small acquisition.

The price paid for whatsapp was quite frankly extremely high.

This brings me back to my old chestnut which is the corporate governance issue.

The management of this -- they basically have a blank checkbook with no accountability and there's nothing anyone can say about it.

I would hope acquisitions have stopped, but we will see.

Thank you for joining us.

6:50 a.m. in london.

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