Apple in Surprise Stealth Mode on iPad Mini: White

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Brian White, analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, discusses today’s surprise release of Apple’s new iPad mini and looks at the role supply issues may have played in the move. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Were you surprised by the way the that apple made the announcement?

It was a big surprise.

They generally have a pre-order time.

Generally they will let you know a few days in advance.

We went docilely got nothing.

You put out a research note.

Supply might be at the heart of this.

What are you talking about?

What issues might apple be dealing with?

One of the things that we talked about was issues with the display.

I think this has been a little bit of a challenge with the retina display from a which is the big new feature on the ipad mini.

So, just being able to get enough displays made in time to satisfy the demand?


This is a lot more advanced than other displays they have used.

Remember when they went to intel with the iphone 5? it was kind of a similar issue.

When you changed the technology of a display, there can be issues.

This is a different form factor that they haven't used.

It is a little different technology.

There are a lot of new apple devices on sale heading into the holidays.

This ipad mini.

The ipad air.

How do you think that the demand for the ipad mini compares to the other devices that apple will be pushing this holiday season?

I think that this is part two of many mania.

It is getting ready to take off.

The problem is that they cannot meet the demand.

I think that that is what this launch is all about.

Think they want people to still be able to walk into a store say november 20, 21st, 22nd in that timeframe when they are available at stores and get one.

They don't want to sell out ahead of time.

I think demand will be strong, i just don't think that supply will be there.

Any numbers that we can she want?

What do you think apple is capable of selling given what might be supply issues and how might that compare to what they might be capable of selling if this wasn't an issue?

We have a total ipad estimate of 24.5 million.

If there were no supply issues him a they could probably pretty easily do a high single million type number.

I think it will be very difficult.

We have modeled about half that.

You are talking about the first quarter, the fiscal first quarter?


We modeled a lot less than what we really think because this is the supply issue.

This will be very exciting and there will be a lot of people interested in getting this.

If you want one, you would better go out and get it.

You pointed out that they're rolling this out in a lot of markets including china and japan.

If there are supply issues, why not stagger the release?

What they did do with today's pre-order is only at about 62% of the countries.

It is not as big as the ipad air, where i am sure they have the supply and availability, they would launch it at the same type of caterer that they did the ipad air.

Less countries.

Brian, thanks a lot.

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