Apple Has a Leg Up Heading Into Holidays: Kessler

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- S&P Capital IQ's Scott Kessler discusses Apple's new iPads with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottome Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Good to see you again.

The new ipad, will it be enough to help apple reignite growth?

It will help without question.

If you look at the products today and the iphones that were introduced just a few weeks ago, really what you have is what we think is a great lineup heading into the holiday shopping season and frankly there's not much in the way of new competition.

We think that gives apple a leg up when it comes to this critical time.

The apple air goes on air -- goes for sale starting november 1. the design is thinner and lighter weighing just one pound.

Loyal apple customers will snap this up.

Is it enough to entice consumers who have produced products from their rivals?

We think so.

We've heard a lot over the last few days, weeks, months about the fact that apple does not innovate anymore.

Look at the ipad air.

The bezel, the area aroudn thend the screen, is 43% smaller adding that to the display.

You reference the thickness, thinner than prior products and the weight goes from 1.4 pounds down to one.

That doesn't happen by accident and this will make for a better product, lower power consumption, higher performance.

I think people are really going to like this.

They owned the market in the share was in the 60%-65 cent range.

Is this about apple doing something wrong or their competitors doing something right -- there are share was in the 60%-65% range.

Like they introduced the ipad and competitors have come in and they have taken share at the low and.

Whether you look at smartphones or tablets, apple is the company to beat when it comes to the middle to high-end of the market.

That's where you want to be because of the margin profile.

What about the other new product?

The ipad mini, the new software.

Is this going to be enough for customers who want a new ipad?

Will maverick help stoke software sales?

It was a surprise that the previously announced mac os 10 w ill be free to download starting today.

We think that will entice people to buy apple computers and it is a positive for that particular aspect of their business.

In terms of the ipad mini retina display, this is a big upgrade over the initial offering and it will definitely entice them to buy for the holiday.

Growth in the market is showing signs of the celebrating right now.


I don't know what data people are referring to when they see the celebration -- deceleration other than the market becoming more mature.

I think they have indicated that they are looking at five-year comparable annual growth of tablets 23%. to me, that's pretty substantial growth and we think it sustainable.

We think apple will be a real beneficiary.

Scott kessler from s and piq

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