Apple, Google Move in Different Directions: Sculley

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- John Sculley, former Chief Executive Officer at Apple, talks with Tom Keene about the competition between Apple and Google and why he believes they are moving in different directions. He speaks in today’s “This Matters Now” on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Good morning, everyone, this is "bloomberg surveillance." it was pre-google when john scully ran apple.

To me it is interesting, what does google need to do to be more cohesive like apple?

We have had a good window on both companies because apple had its developer conference and googled finished up their developer conference this week.

I see both companies in very strong positions but going in different directions longer-term.

Apple has done a great job of integrating its products and taking it to the next level.

It is building a future that is about platforms on top of platforms.

They are moving into health kits, streaming music and various other verticals.

Google is also adding these platform on platforms.

They announced a number this week, everything from home to auto to fitness.

Where the two are different is that apple builds these beautiful products with no compromises that are highly integrated and google is going for a creative leap because they have endless cash flow coming from where they have a monopoly.

We think it will be about smart personalized systems.

I look at google is more of a set of add-ons.

Does google need a big product to make a big cohesive push?

I don't think so.

Apple is about people product.

About -- do you have an iphone6? [laughter] i have all the products.

I have every product apple makes in a few they don't make.

I don't think google needs the big product wins that apple clearly is superb at.

Google is looking beyond that.

We are going from the world of tools to the world of very smart personalized digital assistants.

I think google is ahead on that.

How do you connect all the stuff together with predictive analytics and looking at far out ideas and taking the home and making its mark.

This is more of a creative leap strategy than what apple is doing.

Thank you so much.

It is an exciting time in

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