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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Apple and Google's quest to bring TV into your living room. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Where does the company, with these ideas?

We will go behind the scenes.

The apple/global rivalry may be expanding to your living room as both companies search for new gain-changing product.

Google has learned that it would allow owners of television to watch television shows without commercials.

It has been talking with at least two broadcast networks and pay-tv operators and this comes just hours after google has been talking with media companies to start its own on my tv service.

Talks are said to be in the preliminary stages.

We're joined by a john ehrlichman with more.

He is now based in los angeles.

What is the thinking here for google?

It is hard to say, i think we should say that both the technology companies and the media companies do not know how this will play out to.

We know that people love internet and cable television but as far as these individual details, it is still so early.

Let's think about what apple has been doing.

We know with apple tv box they have been bringing aboard all sorts of content.

We talked recently about then signing deals with espn and hbo.

Authentication, most of the content you can watch spurred these new devices -- that you can watch through these devices is approved for the cable system that exists today.

If you are a pay-tv customer, you can watch this stuff on other devices.

It makes everybody happy.

On the issue of advertising, we know dish has played around with this, it is still so early.

Advertising, a subscription- based models, the economics behind the future of television are being worked out right now.

We know that hulu has subscription and advertising and that is traditionally the way the money is made in television.

You are talking about people who peg anywhere from $75-$200 per month for their cable bill.

Millions and millions of homes across the country, that is a lot of money.

The economics behind this story are just as important as the technology.

Let's compare the apple approach to the google approach.

How are they similar or different?

In many ways, they are so different.

From the apple perspective, they make devices.

They make the best devices they can create.

Then they generate all sorts of profitability tied to those devices.

In the case of google, it is more of a let's go big strategy.

They have been toying with types -- tv for a long time and toying with advertising tied to television.

The fact that they have already moved ahead in a big way with google fiber, lighting wires in homes to get faster internet speed because that is a good thing for google whether you are surging global are watching youtube -- to take the next step and offer a cable service in their mind might be the next logical step.

It is a very bold strategy.

You could argue that google is just as bold, may be bolder, that apple when it comes to tv.

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