Apple & Google Drop Certain Patent Suits

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May 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mia Saini reports on Apple and Google dropping all lawsuits between the companies as they look to move on and look at reforming patent laws. She speaks to Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tech space.

Apple and google have declared a cease-fire in their intellectual property wars.

Mia saini is tracking the story for us.

What is this all about?

These are the two big tech giants in selecting valley, and they have eventually said that they are done.

They are tired.

They are going to drop all the lawsuits between the two companies.

They look to move on and actually focus on reforming patent law.

What do we know?

We know that the patent suits drop concern the motorola mobility patent suits.

20 patent suits were fouled -- filed in the u.s. as well as eu.

They will still battle it out, not in the courtroom, but when it comes to mobile operations, mobile maps, as well as online music.

Of course, they are duking it out mainly because of the fact that they felt they needed to show consumers, show the law, show the consumers -- the courtrooms who was right and who was wrong when it came to certain patents but also when it came to certain technology they had thought they owned the rights to, especially when it comes to the license point of view.

The question is, how big of a deal is this going forward?

Should you put all of your legal bills -- google said they spent close to $35 million -- should they do this for something like mobile -- motorola mobility, which many say isn't a competitive product?

What does this mean for apple's legal fight with samsung, which is really the blockbuster fight in courtrooms around the world?

You should see this very symbolically.

Apple is saying, hey, we are not going to go after you, google, but we are going to double up and go after samsung.

If you think about rivalries, it is these two giants, samsung and apple, that have gone head-to-head when it comes to the smart phone space.

Last month, i was reporting to you that apple is seeking $2 billion from samsung.

They only got $120 million out of that.

Samsung only had to pay -- apple had to pay $158,000 to samsung and by far, samsung is the largest android phone manufacturer.

Of course, android operated by google.

This is them saying that they are going to go and fight samsung and the next part of the

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