Apple, Google and Our Own Tech Obsession

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nicholas Thompson discusses the design plans for Apple’s newest campus, Google’s attempts at a tattoo throat phone and a comic view of how technology is taking over our lives. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Space like that.

Bloomberg is kind of a spaceship.

These are amazing.

It looks like it is well designed for safety, comfort.

It is hard to recruit engineers.

You have a campus like that, it makes it easier.

This is one big draw for talent in a competitive marketplace.

It is a draw for talent and a part of the way you portray yourself to the world.

You make the product look cooler.

Part of what apple sells is the aura of apple.

These things feel a little like they are out of place.

Someone who is too old trying to squeeze into address that isn't quite right.

Apple is a little bit on the decline -- they're trying too hard.

It doesn't seem appropriate for where the company is right now.

Google is developing new technology where you can make calls through a tattoo that rests on your neck.

This is a patent filing.

Very strange.

In one way it is efficient.

You can transmit information to the phone in your pocket.


Great, good job.

But a tattoo on your neck?

There's going to be lie detection software that could be compatible with this -- for a company that worried about intrusion and invasion of privacy -- there you go.

, on.

M-- come on.

The neck is a sensitive place.

It is not where you want to have a company controlling a device.

Technology is taking over our lives.

It is taking over the way we behave.

There is a viral video called "i forgot my phone." it is about all the moments we enjoyed together and how they are now being disrupted by people and their phones.

This video hit a nerve with people and you can see why.

Phones are great and wonderful, but you watch the video and it is like you are not in the birthday party because everyone is filming the birthday party.

Everyone is checking their e- mail.

Technology needs to enhance, but it often takes us out of our lives and distracts us.

When people watch that video, people see themselves in say, i am that person who is going bowling and staring at my phone.

I am at a birthday party or a concert and i am recording the concert and not watching it.

You are taking a picture of your child and not enjoying your child.

You're trying to record having been there that you are not there at the moment.

How are we going to pull that back?

What happened with technology -- it improves quicker than technology can evolve.

People know not to text and drive.

Society developds norms, but they are slow to develop.

Great to see you.

We will return in two minutes on "in the loop."

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