Why Apple Needs 'Google for Tweets' Topsy: Mansell

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Simon Mansell, CEO at TBG Digital, talks with Jon Erlichman about Apple’s purchase of Topsy and how it may use Twitter analytics in its businesses. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Advertising company company.

What is the most valuable aspect of topsy?

It is a search engine for tweets.

It allows companies or people interested in searching those tweets to be able to search them.

You have taken some time to think about when apple is interested.

This could potentially help the itunes business.

Give us some more color.

Their are a number of interesting applications.

It can help with music.

Also, it can broaden the other applications within the iphone.

This is a search engine at the end of the day.

Let's go through another example.

Siri, you could potentially ask more specific questions about what restaurants are more popular in a city?

Yes, it uses google to search for the trendiest restaurants in st.


You could find out which are trending when people are talking about them on twitter.

It decouples some reliance on google search results.

A lot of these people were -- wonder about the relationship between apple and twitter.

Tim cook, the ceo of apple, just started tweeting.

How would you describe the relationship between apple and twitter?

I obviously don't know how their personal relationship is but it seems to be with the integration of twitter in to the latest versions of ios, there is a friendly cooperation.

I would not expect there to be any access that they get to the twitter firehose.

There are a number of companies doing what topsy does.

What happens to those companies?

They were able to raise a lot of money.

What is next for these other players out there?

They just raised $42 million themselves.

Their market has just been validated by apple.

Google and microsoft will be looking at the other players.

It would be a good day, i think.

I believe apple generated like 16 billion in sales from itunes last year.

Can using this technology on its own surface get more value?

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