Apple Fires Back at Proposed E-Book Fixes

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Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses a court order regulating the company’s sale of electronic books wit Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

[laughter] i was reading the claims today.

The next apple e-reader -- it did not turn out that way.


The company claims in the proceedings leading up to this that they had something like 20% of the e-books market.

People thought they had something less like 10%. that is a wonderful thing around these recommendations.

Apple is truly a marginal player in the e-book market.

That is not to say that the activities -- it is like that line that beatings will continue until morale it he improves.

The morale is terrible.

It is interesting to see these antitrust like punitive measures suggested.

You point out they do not have a monopoly.

Their behavior according to the judge and the complaint was intently set to raise prices, but it did not work.

It didn't. we are sitting with amazon with their platform having 60% or 70% of the e-book market.

Apple having as much as 20% of the market.

Amazon is positioned stronger.

Apple is concerned with respect to at least one of the aggregations the doj is making is the source of the complaints.

Companies like amazon should be allowed to have direct links inside applications so consumers can go out of the application to reduce a book.

-- purchase a book.

The idea behind the decision which buyers will like is that you can make a book or just -- purchase within the app.

Apple takes in 20% off of the top.

That would partially go away which apple is loath to lose.

Is this a big deal to apple?

It is a big company.

It is hard to measure.


It is a small piece of the business.

The threat is that apple has set his up as a ticket taker -- has set it up as a ticket taker.

That is something that has me developers unhappy.

Lots of people have been complaining about it.

If this becomes a change in the armor that allows other people to run apple apparatus, said... commission revenues that we are counting on is showing up as part of the ios platform, you can now link back to your own store not doing the purchase.

I wonder if this starts to open up things for other apps.

Can other apps start to go away from apple?

They can get 30. [laughter] that is why apple is fighting as hard as they are.

You do not have to do the purchase in app is where you pay that grotesquely large percentage.

It is exactly how things happen on windows and apple's on operating system.

It is only ios where they require you to spend money and it is sent directly to apple.

It has been controversial.

We will talk about a different thrilling subject.

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