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June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Wired Magazine Co-Founding Editor John Battelle discusses news from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Been watching the company forever.

What is your take?

I thought that apple failed to be apple.

It succeeded at being the apple we all knew before expectations were inflated that apple had to change the world every time it had one of these events.

They are a victim of their own success, that this used to be a conference for this tiny community in the world of computing that was david against goliath.

Everyone got excited for because you could do interesting new things, but now everyone expects apple to unveil some world changing thing every time they hit the stage.

This one felt like the ones of old where they were fixing a lot of things they should have fixed, addressing a lot of opportunities that people felt they had not addressed, and taking on competitors who might have been more nimble over the past 5-10 years.

I remember when you're writing for mac week.

I feel that the problems are nowhere as bad at apple, but there are some serious notes.

Apple did not get their photo stuff quite right, that is why instagram exists.

Everything that made big news were things that apple really needed to address.

They cannot watch a competitor like dropbox run away with it, they cannot watch google, on the side and have google drive that works better than their icloud.

They cannot lose music, and they cannot lose photos.

They have lost music already.

We will see.

They may have, streaming ran away with it.

This felt to me like an apple conference of old.

A lot of people got super excited, but the people who were not techies were saying what is the big deal?

I was struck by the cloud thing.

I remembering back to the failures of mobile me, icloud, of dot mac.

There have been so many failures that i think it is hard for me to take it seriously.

Apple is not very good at consumer software.

This idea that you all of the sudden turn music into software was a big deal, and apple was winning.

But then all of the startups around the world started to out innovate apple.

I think they're laying down the foundation, but it is a wait and see period.

Is this a good time for them to lay groundwork in the ways that they did not have to before, or is this sticking to their original?

It is both.

They have to lay down the groundwork and continue to be the number one place were smart developers want to develop.

But they also have to start recognizing that some of the things that the internet has brought out has been worth embracing.

That they need to open up.

It is a small thing, but they are allowing third-party keyboards.

Apple was very persnickety about controlling things like input keywords -- keyboards, and now they say there is something better to do.

I know a lot about your company and your conference visit, and how you address a very different world of innovation than apple historically has done.

I wonder if you see connections?


Conferences tend to be very medical -- vertical, but we have realized that technology is horizontal, affecting all businesses.

All of these new businesses that are innovating can be nontechnology businesses.

They need to broaden their market and be in all different areas and not just have this tack thing that comes out.

They need to work across the industry.

Even when they were there most -- their most screwed up, they were so focused on getting pcs into businesses instead of letting it go in education where it is doing well.

And now it is the internet broadly.

We are things that innovation across industries, it is not about being a startup in the internet space.

Apple needs to embrace that innovation and extend what they are about tied being more open.

Is that why they are so focused on going to the companies in the different cities?

Getting inside, understanding that it is sharing information and being collaborative care that is what happens when people connect in small settings rather than big ballrooms where everything is overproduced.

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