Apple Decision in Case Against Samsung Delayed

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- A U.S. trade agency said it needs more time to decide whether Samsung Smartphones should be banned from the U.S. based on a patent-infringement claim brought by Apple. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Case in which apple claims samsung infringed on its smartphone patents.

They can hughes is in washington with the details.

-- megan hughes is in washington with the details.

Until august and nine.

What was at stake, apple claiming that samsung deliberately copied apple's technology and then undercut prices.

Apple has been saying for more than two years samsung copied its products.

What would a loss mean for samsung?

That is the question.

It is not clear.

The company said it has ways to design around apple's patents.

It said a decision could cause major disruptions for the industry and a shortage of smart phones.

On the one hand you have samsung saying this is not a big deal either way.

They are saying it could be a warning for the market.

Together the companies make up almost half of the smartphones sold in the world.

Today's decision delayed until friday.

Also we are watching on sunday and decision for apple.

It is the deadline for a presidential review of an import ban.

If they do not decide to remove the ban it would mean apple would have to stop selling in the united states some version

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