Apple CEO Cook: Artists Love iTunes Radio

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses iTunes radio at an event in San Francisco. (Source: Bloomberg)

That ships with ios 7 is itunes radio.

Itunes radio is a fun and easy way to discover and explore new music.

It runs on ios devices, but also in your mac or pc for itunes and even on your apple tv.

Artists love itunes radio.

Justin timberlake held it an amazing way to discover new music and debuted his album on itunes radio.

Even more importantly, customers love it.

We have now had over 20 million users listen on itunes radio and this number continues to grow.

They have been really active.

They have listened to over a billion songs, and this is just in the u.s. in the last month.

It is absolutely fantastic.

Next up to many app store.

The app store continues to grow

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